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Spider Simulator Report

Spider Simulator Report

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Understanding your score


A very good score. Good SEO is also about maintaining standards and building good SEO into your development practice so make sure you keep the good work up!

Only a handful of websites will achieve full marks on this test and yours has done so. Remember to maintain your SEO efforts over the long terms and match this with a sound off-page strategy.


A good score but there is still room for improvement. Try some different pages on your site and see if the score varies or is fairly standard throughout to get a better picture.


This is not a great score but our tool only takes into account one page of your website. A full audit would give a more detailed picture of the problems with your website.


Lower scores are worse. Whilst this simple tool is no substitute for a detailed manual audit, this looks to be problematic.

If you're struggling to improve your score contact us and we'll be able to give you some better advice.

Next steps:

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